Tuesday, February 25, 2014

You go, I'll stay here with the couch.

As I mentioned, the weather was nice. Saturday, MRB and I ran 12.8 in the Wissahickon. Sunday George and I ran 15 in Ridley Creek. George ran off after deer and didn't come back for an hour. I was going nuts and got my legs shredded by prickers wandering off trail looking for him. When he came back he was weak, wet, missing a patch of fur, and may have had blood in his urine. He vomited in the car again and I got a parking ticket for good measure. Monday MRB and I ran 8 in Valley Forge over Mt. Misery and Mt. Joy. George said he wanted to stay home, which is only the second time that has ever happened. He's fine now, so it's all good. Last week I scheduled an appointment at the vet for tomorrow, so it's definitely all good.

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