Saturday, February 15, 2014


I'm like meta-research that talks about p-hacking, the file-drawer, publication bias, specification searching, all that jazz.

Especially if they can make a good Star Wars pun. I like that so much I may have already linked to it a few months ago. But I haven't linked to a summer institute I hope to attend to learn more about things along these lines. But who knows, maybe I'll be working for them someday.

Stata is still working in the background, so I have a few more minutes. I just watched The Gatekeepers, and Israeli documentary that interviews all former heads of the Shin Bet, the Israeli internal security service. All former heads of the agency have major issues with the occupation. And these are dudes who say "of course I ordered the execution of those terrorists we had in custody" and "of course we tortured terrorist suspects, how do you think we got any intelligence?" (I'm paraphrasing, but honestly not by much.) So it's impossible to criticize them as some gutless bleeding heart. These guys have seen more than anyone, and they all think the current strategy of dealing with the occupation is flawed. Granted, they don't all say Israel should pull out tomorrow, but they're definitely opposed to indefinite occupation, for a two-state solution, and in favor of dialogue with Hamas, Iran, everybody.

This old Fresh Air with the director Dror Moreh is quite good too. I'd like to see his other documentary on Ariel Sharon now.

In other movie news I tried watching Fruitvale Station, but I started crying 30 seconds in, and then 13 minutes in, still weeping, when they filmed an adorable scene a couple blocks from my Little Brother's house, I decided I had to stop. I'll watch it with gf next month.

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