Friday, August 09, 2013


I wish Colorado would stop trying to kill me and my dog. Awesome 15 mile run on the Hardrock 100 course turned shitty after George got a mouthful of porcupine. Thing is, it was the second one we saw! I was in front for the first and almost stepped on it myself, but kept George away. Then a couple miles later it was getting dark and I lost the trail at the river crossing. While looking for it, George found the second porcupine. Dammit.

UPDATE: The car wouldn't start this morning. I drained the battery using headlights to pull quills. Everything was frozen to boot. A jump solved that, and now George is at the vet in Durango waiting for his appointment. They said it didn't look as bad as many cases they've seen. And they're open for regular business, so no emergency fee. All should be well.

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