Sunday, August 11, 2013


After I picked up George from the vet, I went to a brewpub my brother recommended (Carvers) and ran into Kittens and Moonbeam, who had just finished the CT, and were angling for the free brown ale that they give out to CT finishers. George was groggy from anesthesia.

I camped up Maggie Gulch outside Silverton, and bagged Handies this morning, which is the 14er that's on the Hardrock course. (I also did into and out of Silverton in both directions over the past few days--the race is a loop that switches direction every year--one of those runs led to the porcupines.) I did a little bit more of the course on jeep roads after Handies, but they were full of jeeps, so it wasn't much fun.

I'll probably spend a day near Ouray, and one near Telluride, next.

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