Saturday, August 31, 2013

Colorado Photos

I probably won't get around to doing a full write of my Colorado trip, but here are the photos.

Briefly: I drove to Colorado and stopped in Salida for a day or two of running in low, BLM-y type hills. I tried to drive to Lake City, but I got sidetracked by rolling my SUV. So I was stuck in Gunnison for a weekend. I bought a crappy Subaru and finally got to Lake City. I half stayed at the hostel there and half car camped, while doing four 14ers in one day and meeting some very cool CT and CDT hikers. I drove around to Silverton, but stopped at George and Elisa's goat farm in Montrose for a night. In Silverton, I car camped, and again hung out with the CT hikers. I ran part of the Hardrock 100 course, and George got into a porcupine, so we had to go to Durango to sort that out. After Silverton I stopped in Ouray and ran more of the Hardrock course, then went to Telluride to run more of the Hardrock course, hang out with Hawkeye, and watch a Johnny Cash coverband. From Telluride I briefly went to Crested Butte and hung out with Trainwreck. From there it was on to Leadville to pace Nano in the Leadville 100 (finish time 24:24). I did a couple more 14ers there, then went to Denver to pick up Mr B. We ran in the Boulder Flatirons, then I was a guest panelist on The Trail Show episode #15. Mr B and I bagged a couple 14ers in the Collegiates, then drove over Independence Pass to Aspen for the Maroon Bells 4-pass loop as an overnighter. I did a final run in the Sangre di Cristo range not far east of Salida, and we hit the road. We took 50 and 54 across Colorado, Kansas, and Missouri, stopped at Tina's in Lexington, and then were home. First things first, I caught up on Breaking Bad.

I also submitted one article to a journal, another to a conference, a third to my co-authors, and wrote the syllabus for the new labor economics course I'm teaching this semester. Working remotely worked pretty well. And damn, the running was good.

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