Monday, April 22, 2013

Run Log: April 15-21, Plus Motorcycles

Last week was pretty bad, with only 34.2 miles. My excuse is coming down with a cold on Thursday night, and having motorcyle safety/licensing class on Tuesday, Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. The most interesting, if not the longest run of the week was Thursday evening's Bryn Mawr Running Company's Media store run. It's always pretty lame on scenery, and largely just paved streets, but usually makes for good conversation and a really good pace (this time 6.55 mi at 7:29 pace). I never run that fast by myself, but can fairly easily do it with a partner to push me. But it's also on pavement. So which of those is the most important factor? I'll do some regression analysis and get back to you.

Oh, and yes, the previous paragraph does imply that I took a motorcycle safety course. And I passed, so I now have my motorcycle license. I got the temporary permit a few months ago, but now I can have passengers and ride at night. And as far as I can tell, states recognize motorcycle licenses from other states, just like marriage licenses (except for the homophobia part), so I'm set for life. Have I been looking on google and craigslist for nearby bikes to buy since I passed on Sunday evening? I don't know. I don't really want to spend the money on a new Ural, and I think used ones are hard to come by, but I have a dog and a girl friend, so I'd probably ride the Ural much more than I would the Suzuki, even though the Suzuki is ready to go to ride across the country on the TransAm Trail

[Imagine there was a picture here of George in my sidecar with a scarf and big goggles on, and try and tell me I shouldn't by a Ural.]

Lastly, a buddy of mine is riding his bike from Reno to Prudhoe Bay and back. He's helping to collect data for scientists on the way. Check it out.

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