Tuesday, April 09, 2013

Run Log: April 1-6

Running was off this week--gf was in town so I did less running and more hiking. Probably something like 45 miles total, 15 of which was walking/hiking.

Have I mentioned I'm addicted to running now? Because I totally am. Big deal, you say, you run ultras and of course you're addicted. But I've never run anywhere near this consistently before, at least not since 2003 or so, when I training for my PR marathons in St. George, and even that's doubtful. Anyway, I basically need a fix of 5+ miles 6+ days a week or I'm a little out of sorts.

The highlight for the week was camping and running on Assateague Island National Seashore and walking around the national mall looking at the cherry blossoms.

Chase me faster, dammit!

George loves running.

Tidal Basin

Cherry Blossoms



Cherry Blossoms




In other news, I watched Ewan McGregor's motorcycle adventures Long Way Round and Long Way Down. In LWR they rode from London across Europe and Asia to far eastern Russia, then from Alaska to NYC. In LWD they rode from the northern tip of Scotland to the tip of Italy then from Tunisia all down Africa to Capetown. LWR was definitely a better viewing experience--they seemed to spend a lot of LWD complaining about how tight their schedule was. Their support and film crew was ridiculously large, but for a movie star, it's still a pretty impressive adventure.

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