Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Going for Broke

I am seriously contemplating pulling the trigger on this bike. Thoughts? ("Be safe" and "Wear a helmet" are appreciated, but "How much are you really going to ride it? Isn't George in the car with you 99% of the time you go anywhere, because you only drive anywhere to go running or stay overnight somewhere, so how's that going to work?" might be appreciated more. "Here, buy my similarly priced bike with a sidecar instead" might be most appreciated.

On the topic of shopping, I bought two pairs of Brooks Pure Grit shoes. Mostly because they're last year's and they're cheap ($65). I'm not sure how I feel about them. They don't have rock plates, which to me is almost the definition of a trail shoe, so I'm not sure how much I like them on the roots and rocks around here. I wore Brooks Cascadias nearly exclusively for the last five years (last year's are also cheap), so I should probably stick with them, but I feel like I've moved on to lighter, lower drop shoes.  I like Altra's Lone Peaks for trail, and last year's model is also cheap-ish. I'll shut up about shoes now, but I really like Brooks Pure Flow for road, but I do not like Altra's road shoe. I guess I like running on a not-quite-zero-drop pillow when I am forced to run road, and when I run trail, I like a zero-drop shoe with a rock plate. But maybe that's just because that's what I'm used to.

Lastly, what source do people use for hiker news? Is there a website or blog that routinely links to, or writes about, regular joes who break the triple crown speed record, or any individual trail's speed record, or ride their bike around the world, or paddle the entire Amazon, or whatever? I need more vicarious living, and I only find out about these things through word of mouth.

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