Sunday, February 03, 2013

Run Log January 28-February 3

70.1 miles for the week. Low mileage Monday and Tuesday thanks to icy roads, but 10 and 13 on Wednesday and Friday (non-teaching days), and 17 and 18 yesterday and today. Yesterday I just ran in Crum, but a local running partner and I met up halfway through, so it basically felt like I'd gotten reinforcements, and doing loops enough times to get my mileage was no problem. (It's usually a little boring to run enough loops in Crum to get more than 10 miles.) Today I had a friend in Philly with me for just the start, but it was pretty easy to get the mileage since I was doing an out and back and wanted to get to the Wissahickon, since I'd never connected Kelly to the park before.
I'm running a 50K next Sunday in the Marin Headlands while gf and Gazelle run a half marathon. I'm going to be pretty upset if I don't break 5 hours. There's a 4% climbing grade, which is pretty nuts, but I think it's equally nuts that I have yet to break 5 hours. 31 9:40's. I can do that.
The 18 miles made George pretty chill for the Super Bowl party. He also scored a yak bone (yes, yak) and chicken scraps, so I think he had a good time.

Bridge in the Wissahickon
Other random thoughts: World War Z is not that great a book, but The Brief Wondrous Life of Oscar Wao is astonishingly good. Drown, also by Junot Diaz, is a bit of a letdown by comparison. I don't have time to read much anymore, but I'm running enough that I'm all caught up on podcasts and throw in books on tape (both of the Diaz).

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