Sunday, December 09, 2012

Kenyan Art

I spent the day stretching a bunch of the painting I acquired in Kenya. I just ordered the stretcher bars off, bought a staple gun at the TrueValue down the street, and occasionally used the landlord's right angle square, though a tape measure to test both diagonals would do the trick. I suppose I had to live in East Africa to acquire the art as well.

My friend EK is trying to build a library in Busia, Kenya, where she and I once lived at the same time. To raise the funds for the library, she's teamed with some artists she met in Kisumu. I finally met these artists earlier this year when I lived in Kakamega, and I really like the work of one of them. Seth Amollo. So I bought a few of his paintings.  Look for him at the Coca Cola stand by the Impala Park in Kisumu if you happen to be in the neighborhood.

Seth Amollo
Fish Ladies (AL bought this one she visited)

Women Drawing Water. Man, I should really just wait until tomorrow when I can take pictures of these outside, because the colors come out horrible indoors. They're all really bright (see above.)

Bicycle Taxi

  This is by a different artist. He sells at the main Masai Market in Kisumu.


The rest are obviously not paintings. But I stretched a couple of these colorful sheets of fabric anyway. I'm using a few as window drapes. I've got a bunch of extra if any friends want some cheap and easy wall hangings.

The flag of the Fruitarian Republic of Pineapplestan
Nice South Lakes High School colors

As to what all these Swahili sayings mean, your ability to use Google Translate is just as good as mine.
I brought this back from Tanzania in '06.

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