Friday, December 28, 2012

2013 Race Schedule

My race schedule for the coming year is taking shape. Not exactly as I wanted, but it's taking shape. I put in for the lotteries at Hardrock, Massanutten, and Barkley, but didn't get in. So I'm left with:
February 23: Febapple Frozen 50 Miler (NJ)
May 31: Bryce 100 Miler (UT)
June 29: Western States 100 Miler (CA)

I'd like to (1) break 24 at States, and (2) do something fun in July. San Juan Solstice is too soon before States. Leadville and the new Telluride Mountain Run seem kind of late (I do have to write a new labor economics course and have a new job market paper for next fall, after all.) This thing in Alaska is seeming very tempting. But what it really means is that I'm an idiot for dilly-dallying and not registering for the Vermont 100 when I had the chance.

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