Sunday, November 11, 2012

Of Kentucky and Kenya

I think I've posted this before, but this dude looks exactly like me. Shirtless, tats, baseball cap with sunglasses on top, jeans that are probably too baggy by annoying hip people standards, he's got the whole package.

Oh, and how 'bout those election results? Pretty freaking amazing. Basically everything that was in the realm of possibility went the progressive way. Obama (1-3 Supreme Court justices), marriage equality 4 for 4, marijuana 2 for 3, improving the Senate (Warren!), and not only did California vote to raise taxes so as not to further pipe-bomb public schools, they elected a Democratic supermajority who will be able to raise taxes on their own. (I'm pretty sure--some of the assembly races were very close.) If you read the quotes from the party leaders, I think their humility is pretty reasonable--they'll lose it in the very next cycle if they overplay it, but still, an oil extraction tax would be great, and they'll be able to put a marriage amendment on the prop ballot directly, saving money for the equality side in the election. Awesome.

Also, "cliff" is a horrible metaphor for the taxes that might go up soon. Going over a cliff is irreversible. If taxes go up on January 1, you can lower them (for everyone but rich people) on January 2 and everything's fine.

Lastly, Kenya's nice, if quiet compared to last summer. I forgot how much fun it is when the running trails start literally at your doorstep. Even the quarter mile through town to the grass on campus in Swat seems far.

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