Thursday, October 18, 2012

Bike Tires

I got three flats on my touring bike today. I've been rocking Continental Gatorskins on my crappy commuter for quite a while, with no flats that I can remember. And I rode 700 miles on the Michelin Speedium 2's that are on my nicer Lemond touring bike just fine, but they seem to have fulfilled their lifespan. Gatorskins are around $55. (Are these better than Continental Touring Plus? They're more expensive.) Bontrager Hardcase, Serfa, Specialized...everybody makes tires that are supposed to be puncture resistant. Does anyone make them in red, and sell them for less than $75? Because in all seriousness, these ones look cool, and despite the fact that my current red and black tires get punctured, and my red and black seat is not comfortable on long rides, I kind of want to keep the color scheme going.

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