Sunday, September 09, 2012

Wasatch 100 (brief, more later)

I finished the Wasatch 100 yesterday in 29:48. As I've done every other time, I ran the first 50 quite strong, in around 12 hours, then bonked pretty hard, recovered when the sun came up, and finished strong. The bonking this time was caused by non-stop vomiting and dry-heaving from mile 53 to 65 or 70 or so. Seriously, I puked at miles 25 and 50, and then could not keep anything down starting at 53 and the jostling of running was making me burp and gag, so I had to walk a lot, and I spent a lot of time at aid stations lying down or trying to at least get ginger ale or soup broth in me. The mile 75 aid station was indoors at Brighton Ski Lodge, so after a lot of ginger ale and a few hash browns there, things started to get better. We ran the last 13 quite hard. I expected them all to be downhill, but the course didn't finish climbing until there were 4 or 5 miles left. With 7 left I didn't think I had it in under 30, but Paul and I really killed the last 5--I was running up on these banked switchbacks with my arms out like an airplane, probably doing 8:00 miles for part of it. Good stuff.

Huge thanks to Ashley and Paul for pacing me. I absolutely could not have done it without the both of them.

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