Saturday, September 29, 2012

Some Days They Impound Your Vehicle, Some They Don't

Arg. My car's in an impound lot in northern New Jersey. It's not registered, though I did what the California DMV told me to do, only it turns out that they don't know what they're talking about, and it's really hard to get a license (a pre-requisite for registration) in PA in a timely fashion--four forms of ID/proof of residence are required. So going low 70's on the Interstate with the flow of traffic pretty much screwed me. Luckily the only friend I've made in Swarthmore was headed to the same race I was going to, so she picked me up. We were late for our respective races, but still got to do a pretty 7.7 mile loop. Exhausting and aggravating. (I'm not talking about the running.) And I haven't even begun the real process of resolving it. Damn.

On a positive note, here's a nice essay on marathoning from the NYT. They link to a good New Yorker article from right before Paul Ryan lied about his marathon time about a dentist who went to great lengths to "run" a sub-3:00 marathon in every state. There was also a decent article about coach Alberto Salazar from a July issue, though it's gated.

"All that I am, I am because of my mind.” --Paavo Nurmi

UPDATE: It actually requires five forms of ID to get a license in PA. I highly doubt that undocumented immigrants cause enough vehicular problems to justify inconveniencing the entire population to this degree. Also, I am screwed, because to register the car in PA, I need a tracing of the VIN by a mechanic or notary. How the hell do I do that while it's impounded in NJ?

UPDATE: MFS brings it to my attention that the tracing shouldn't be that difficult--it only has to be done by a mechanic/notorized if you can't physically do the tracing. So I do still have to take the second trip to NJ, but I won't have to pay a mechanic/notary once I'm there, or maybe I could get the tow place to do it and mail it to me? Also, Pennsylvania DMVs are closed on Mondays, so I'm not getting my license right now. I guess I could go to NJ to get the tracing today, but I'm not sure I'm up for it, plus I don't have a car.

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