Saturday, September 01, 2012

Philly after 8 days

Went into Philly last night, hung out with MRB and MJ and drank good beer at a dog-friendly bar, and today went running along the river. Good stuff. Only I never liked driving into SF from Berkeley because I didn't know my way around, and I feel the same way about Philly. (Should I have moved to Philly instead of Swat and commuted? I hate commuting, but living in the suburbs maybe isn't so great either.)

I managed to offload my concert tickets for today, but I'm going in on Sunday so I can see Pearl Jam and Run DMC.

I'm rolling my IT band for the first time ever, and I'm finding it extremely painful. I mean, holy crap that thing hurts. But I'm told it gets better (after how long?), and hopefully it will make some lingering knee pain go away. I managed to find two friends to pace me for Wasatch, so I'm all set. Thanks PC and AL!

Swarthmore the school is turning out to be awesome. Swarthmore the place to live is turning out to be humid, small, without a place to buy alcohol, and perhaps slightly less awesome. We'll see. 

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