Monday, September 24, 2012

Kenya: Good times were had.

But maybe not between me and my ex-landlord.

These are a couple messages I received in the month or two before leaving, mostly based on the fact that the landlord never got rid of the POS car in the backyard, and thought he had permission to remove the water tank that was part of our system and use it as his own house, harming our supply and pressure. I had the audacity to disagree (and to be honest, was a jerk and embarrassed him in front of some workers he had hired) but even my more polite housemates thought he was off his rocker.

"In order to maintain our cordial relationship, I  suggest that we avoid physical contact. It means therefore that frome end month you please do deposit my house-rent in my account - Equity bank kkg branch ac. No  [redacted] name [redacted]. Hopefully you will never be bothered by me and see my ugly face until you go back to the US. Thanks and may God bless us. Amen."

"Honestly i am  disappointed with you Professor Garret and once again i kindly request you to mature and avoid confrontation with me a black african elder! In my ignorance, i thought Respect is supposed to be reciprocal. The way you act seems to suggest that you are no better than a flibbertigibbet! Will you please stick to our tenancy agreement and wise remembering that i am neither a nincompoop nor an idiot as your innuendos about my charecter reveal!!"


  1. new word of the day: flibbertigibbet

  2. Man, if you didn't already have a trail name...