Monday, August 06, 2012

Trusty Steed

My first motorcycle, almost certainly not my last. I'll miss it. I will not miss the uninformative road signs.


  1. Where is this motorcycle now? Did you sell it or give it away? I’m quite sure it was quite sad for you to see your bike go, especially since you had many of your first motorcycle experiences with it.

    Hannah Parkin

  2. I sold it for a couple hundred less than I paid for it to a woman who started working on the project after me. A buddy has now offered to sell me his BMW, but it's out in Oregon and I think I should save the $4000 instead.

  3. So, what motorcycle are you using now? Is it almost of the same category – the all around type? Well, if your usual routes are on dirt roads like that in the picture, I wouldn’t ask why. It requires a ride equipped with advanced stability.

    -->Claudio Mccarty