Wednesday, June 27, 2012

My Last Kenyan Adventure

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I just took two weeks off, but I'm taking one last day off this Friday to start what will likely be my last adventure in Kenya. I'm probably leaving Kenya August 11, and I can easily foresee working every weekend from now until then. So I'm riding my motorcycle half way across Kenya and back to run the Lewa Marathon. The website for the race blows pretty hard (I can't find a start time, info on bib pick-up, or a map), but apparently the race is very well managed and has been going for a decade. It's in a big game reserve, so there are armed guards to protect you from game. I do know the race is a fundraiser for the Lewa conservatory and Tusk Trust (the latter of which you might have heard of if you were British, apparently the royal family guys dig it.) My housemate Miles and I are both running. Our fundraising page is here. Many thanks to those who have contributed.

I'm not hoping for much in the race. Getting there, finishing, and getting back in one piece is all I care about. (Though obviously I will demand my money back if I don't get charged by a rhino.) It was 310 km one-way from Busia to Lake Baringo last year, this is going to be 419 or more. I'm actually hoping to leave Thursday afternoon to make Friday a little less crazy.

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