Monday, April 23, 2012


I'm curious about east coast ultras. The Appalachians, the Sierras they are not. But they've still got some good eastern standards like Massanutten, Old Dominion, and Vermont. A few others like Grindstone, which looks good, and some flatter river-trail or loop-type ones like Pine Creek Challenge, and Viaduct Trail Ultramarathon. And Umstead. And for shorter stuff, JFK, obviously. I've read a little about eastern ultras saying they're difficult, with very rocky terrain; hopefully that's true. Maybe they'll suffice.


  1. East coast can be roots and mud. I miss that on the West coast (SoCal).

  2. Also, the air is not good.

    I have successfully commented! Take that stupid third party cookies!

  3. Mud's fun. East Bay winter runs were great for that. Oh, that reminds me--running all winter long is going to be more difficult in the mid-Atlantic. And Mike, can you generalize that eastern air is worse than west coast, or Philly suburbs compared to Berkeley? There are certainly more coal power plants. And I'm certainly not looking forward to the humidity.