Wednesday, April 04, 2012

Run Free, Swim in the Ocean

Caballo Blanco died in the Gila Wilderness a few days ago. I never met him, but people I respect had, and they wrote good words about him. My friend BH wrote this, and Scott Jurek was interviewed by Runner's World here.

I'll be running the Lewa Wildlife Conservancy marathon at the end of June. People (whatever that means) say the course is hard, but I haven't found any information to make me think that's more true in this case than in any other case where that's claimed. I suppose it's hard compared to most road marathons. It's at 5,500 feet on dirt roads inside the conservancy, so there's a potential to see some wildlife.

I'm headed to Mombasa for a long weekend starting tomorrow afternoon. I've been there before for xmas 2006 with AK, WF, EK, which was pretty awesome. Cool people, cool tidal pools at low tide, awesome swimming at high tide, a little cliff jumping, and we went on a snorkeling trip that didn't really involve snorkeling and instead mostly involved me using the compass on my watch to tell the boat captain during the storm "I think Africa's that way." This time there's an ultimate frisbee tournament.

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