Thursday, March 29, 2012

New Orleans

I had meetings in Atlanta, so I took a long weekend in New Orleans beforehand and got quality time with the gf, grad school friends from Houston, and my high school friend who's finishing her PhD at Tulane. I pretty much loved the place. It's flat as a board and apparently crazy hot in the summer, but I would love to rent a double-shotgun there for a month and bike around listening to buskers. I saw David Simon's HBO series Treme filming on location in the Quarter, which made my day, but I failed to see Kermit Ruffins play, so I'll have to go back.


Wait a minute! He's only lunging out of the water because you were feeding him hot dogs!? So lame. Diabetes rates are high enough already.
New Orleans wins for having a bondage-rabbit on a Mitt Romney firetruck
I caught a cabbage. Also carrots, moonpies, crackers, a bubble wand, a spear, a frisbee, and a million beads.

The cabbage I caught, in the air on its way to me.
Seriously, the houses there are awesome.
Honey Island swamp tour
Booty Shaking

The Swamp



The Bywater

The Bywater

Lower Ninth


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