Thursday, March 29, 2012

Hairy Lemon

I forgot to post about the Hairy Lemon. The weekend before I went to the US, a few friends and I went to a little slice of heaven known as the Hairy Lemon. It's 40km outside Jinja on an island in the Nile River. I rode my motorcycle and my friend S took matatus and we stayed with friends in Busia Friday night. Saturday morning, after picking my bike up from the shop in Busia that I trust (I don't quite have the connections in Kakamega yet) we headed to Jinja separately, me on the bike and him in a matatu (I got there in basically half the time.) While waiting I met a German dude named Stephan who rode his bike all the way from (duh) Germany. To be exact he no longer had an unbroken trail because he'd tried taking a westerly route and had hoped to cross to East Africa through CAR and the Congo, but decided against it since he didn't want to die quite yet. He's headed to Capetown, of course. He was very cool. I'd link you to a website, but he doesn't have one. He doesn't even carry a cellphone. So here's his picture.
After making it to the Lemon, I enjoyed frisbee golf, beer, volleyball played in the Nile River, and slacklining, which made for a pretty awesome weekend.

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