Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Two veg articles in the NYT, plus some rambling about my dogs

Good stuff.


You've probably noticed a lot of html-ugly links, or simply URL's, on
my blog in the past months. Blame slow Kenyan Internet speeds. It
takes a lot less bandwidth to paste URL's into gmail and mail it to a
secret address that automatically posts to my blog (but can't handle
any html coding to make it pretty, as far as I know) than to go the
blogger page and post the normal way. Apologies.

I'm getting settled in Kakamega. I haven't found a decent restaurant
yet (read: someplace that adds tomatoes and onions to beans instead of
making them with nothing but water and salt), but the fence is at
least fixed. For the last week Mack and George have been able to crawl
under the fence, so they followed me to work. George liked it because
he hung out by the chain-link office fence with his mouth open and
waited for the baby chickens next door to crawl through the fence and
hop right in. Nobody told me what was going on until he'd apparently
eaten four. Mack liked it at the office too, but he climbed a pile of
bricks and leaped over the 8 foot high barb-wire in order to follow me

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