Saturday, October 29, 2011

Ride, also.

I finally put my bicycle back together. Replaced rear brake and derailleur cables and housings, and everything seems to be OK. All that's left is to buy some wire cutters and snip off the extra cable length, as my big Leatherman only serves to crimp and fray it.

Upcoming plans that might interest you: Motorcycle ride to Lake Baringo next weekend, supposedly beautiful and full of crocs and hippos. Then Nov. 19 and 20 there's a mountain bike race at Sipi Falls, a beautiful set of 3 falls on the Ugandan western slopes of Mt. Elgon. Then the weekend of the 26th I'm headed with friends to track gorillas in Bwindi Impenetrable Forest in Uganda, with a day at Lake Bunyonyi after. And basically a week after that I head back to the US for 3 weeks. Philly for meetings, NYC briefly, a day in Monterey to present a paper, then 10 days or so in Oakland. I'd like to leave the US around the 25th so as to benefit from the foreign earned income tax exclusion (if you live outside the US for 330 of 365 days in any 12 months you don't have to pay taxes on your first $90,000 of income. Yes I complain all the time about how wealthy people's taxes should be raised, while I'm going to pay very little. I'm not going to -not- take deductions that I legally can, but in my defense, I wouldn't be upset if they got rid of this deduction.) Anyway that leaves me with a week or two before work starts up again in January. I'm thinking I might stop in Europe on the way back, I've never seen the Alps. I don't know what I'd be able to do in Switzerland in the winter though. Suggestions?

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