Saturday, October 08, 2011

Kisumu, 3 AM

I'm at a hotel in Kisumu and it's 3AM. My body of course thinks it's a normal time to be awake. I'd normally solve this with sleeping pills for a couple nights after making the switch, but my luggage decided to hang out in Boston for an extra day. I think my clean underwear and I will be reunited in the morning, and then I'm headed back to Busia.

I noticed good news and bad from California today. Governor Brown signed the California Dream Act, but the Feds are prosecuting medical marijuana dispensaries.

Oh, and Steve Jobs, I totally hate my new work-provided Windows laptop. Who designed this crap physically? Why does all this software not present itself in a consistent format? Who authorized all these pop-ups? I had a PC in my bedroom in high school, but there's been a Mac in the house since basically forever. Put that down as the one thing my father and I agree on.

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