Saturday, September 03, 2011

Lake Victoria is not that far from my house.

I rode the ~100km from the house to Lake Victoria near the village of Sio Port and back today. There was a little more pavement than I'd like (you have to take the main Busia-Kisumu road to Matayos to take the only bridge over the river), and I got lost a little on the way back trying to cut out some of it. I plan on buying a smart phone (probably the Huawei IDEOS) so I can use google maps for navigation--the detail on the unpaved roads is pretty good, and cell reception is ubiquitous thus far in my experience. I took a brief boat ride to get closer to some birds. As usual, when I was fairly exhausted and almost all the way home a dude on a bike decides to race me the last few miles, so now I'm completely exhausted.

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