Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Dog Fence Garden Sunburn

The road looked like this for a long time

Then they finally fixed it.

My housemate's water tank project. The solution: use washers!

The parking lot/swimming pool

The M/Th used clothing market

The veggie/fish market

They demanded I take their picture.

The only road in town

The new bike lane

Mobile sales force

I learned to ride a motorcycle. I plan to head to Kisumu this weekend and buy one. I built a fence to keep the dogs out of the trash. I commissioned a compost bin from the carpenter. Mack and George get along great, much to the chagrin of discarded shoes. I made stationery from beer labels attached with water-soluble glue. I planted a garden of sweet corn, broccoli, zucchini, beets, and chard. Of course I got stupid sunburnt, you don't even have to ask.

Lastly, Crossing to Safety was brilliant, and I want to make babies with Wallace Stegner's prose:
"In my experience, the world's happiest man is a young professor building bookcases, and the world's most contented couple is composed of that young professor and his wife, in love, employed, at the bottom of a depression from which it is impossible to fall further, and entering on their first year as full adults, not preparing any longer but finally into their lives."

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  1. This most be In Africa I presume. Africans and Caribbeans suffer from man made poverty