Sunday, August 21, 2011

Movie Review

It's sappy beyond belief, ham-fistedly religious at times, the gear
product placement is obnoxious, the hikers all wear jeans, and I have
no desire to do a long roadwalk through Western Europe where there is
no wilderness, but still, it's a movie about hiking (and the lifestyle
that accompanies it), and I cried like a little girl. In "The Way,"
Martin Sheen goes to France to pick up his estranged son's ashes and
ends up carrying them on El camino de Santiago. Obviously he meets
"zany characters" (quirky, if you prefer) and "learns valuable life
lessons" along the way. He probably also learns that "it's not the
destination, it's the journey that matters" and a bunch of other
annoying crap that, although annoying and crappy, happens to be true.
Shut up, I am not crying!

How I got this movie, since it apparently hasn't come out yet in the
States, I don't know.

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  1. Damn, how did you get this movie. It looks good.