Sunday, July 24, 2011

Ugali na maharagwe

Started a mapping exercise yesterday, riding my bike to all the shops
and restaurants and recording gps coordinates and taking photos. I'll
put them all on Google Earth when I'm finished. This is a pretty easy
task when there's only a dozen places you'd ever want to go.

Went for a second ride yesterday, this time through the shamba, and I
got a flat. I'll have to walk the bike a mile to the gas station in
town and do the repairs there where the pump is. I should look around
town for a pump as well, but I bet I'll have to go to Kisumu.

Not to disrespect the recently deceased, but this was a funny
conversation last night at dinner at Chauma with a big-time VIP from
USAID who reports directly to Raj Shah (the head of the agency), and a
TV visible out of the corner of my eye.
Her: "So, with all your experience in development, what is the one
thing you would like me to take home and tell USAID? Garret, you
Me: "What!? Amy Winehouse is dead!?"

This article by Philip Gourevitch (author of We Wish to Inform You...)
from the New Yorker about a Rwandan cycling team is beautiful.

Some pictures: my cat, the border, this country could really use a ban
on plastic bags, the temperature in the office on a regular basis,
waiting out a rainstorm.

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