Sunday, July 31, 2011

This Week

This week I read about worms, externalities, and the Peabody Picture
and Vocabulary Test, but more interestingly, went for a couple
excellently muddy rides, went to Roselyn's and learned some good
Swahili vocab, and went to Iten, which is outside of Eldoret and home
to some of the runner training centers. It's maybe 4-5 hours on three
matatus--Busia to Bungoma, then Eldoret, then Iten. You can get a
reasonably nice one (i.e. one person per seat) from Bungoma to
Eldoret, but for the rest, it's the usual 21 people in a 14-legal
seats mini-van. I walked the road 6km from Iten down to just past
Kessup and stayed at Lelin Campsite, which overlooks the Kerio
Valley--finally, variation in topography! I visited a marathon
training center this morning, but was pretty disappointed that it
basically seemed like a sports camp for rich western white kids--not
at all like the one I visited last time outside Kitale in the
Cherangani Hills, which was just ugali na maharagwe na bad-ass Kenyan
runners doing 20-30 miles a day with no facilities to speak of.

I also ate at an amazing Indian place in Eldoret and found raisins and
cashews at the supermarket there, so those were wins too.

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  1. beautiful photos!too many interesting things Dog training