Wednesday, July 06, 2011

Hopefully Not My Last Ride

Last Thursday I went to Yosemite with friends and hiked an awesome 19 or 20 miles. A raging Yosemite Falls (too many people), top of El Cap, a couple miles on snow, gorgeous granite, and pretty wildflowers in a burned section. Then I went to San Diego for the Western Economics Association International conference. I presented my paper and discussed a paper on combat exposure and punitive discharges from the military in some defense economics sessions set up by RAND. As this is "the vacation conference" I of course also hung out with the Ruts, went to Del Mar Beach and Torrey Pines, and walked around the San Diego Harbor.

Today I biked a nice 38 miles. Map. Hopefully it won't be my last ride, because I came down Centennial, which really isn't that fun--too steep and straight to really enjoy. Claremont is better.

Remaining in the California Countdown: my first tattoo, a very long run, Eddie Vedder concert, and perhaps cliff jumping at Sword Lake.

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