Saturday, July 16, 2011

Busia 2: 1 day down 729 to go.

I've arrived in Busia. Flew on KLM from SFO to Amsterdam then Nairobi.
Spent a night there, then flew to Kisumu and rode with a boss and
co-worker to Busia. Some things are the same--the road was crappy, R
is still making tea, N is still happy to see me and maybe carrying
large boxes of data from store-rooms across the street. The Internet
is still slow, but at least there's wireless. I went to the new
supermarket, Tesia. It ain't f--ing Berkeley Bowl, I can tell you
that. I'm thinking I might be able to pull off being vegan here,
however. I thought I'd have to downgrade because black beans were the
only vegan source of protein I could remember, but lentils are easy
and I even found (absolutely foul-looking) TVP at the supermarket. Had
my first Tusker last night, it comes in 500ml bottles, so that's good.
It's no Downtown Brown, but it's for sure better than cheap American

I've almost finished assembling my bike. I need to go get a bike fundi
(handyman) to pump up the tires (I didn't bring a pump) and I'll be
all set. I chipped a good deal of paint in the shipping, and it cost
me $275 plus another 1800 Shillings in airline extra baggage fees, but
it really wasn't that big a hassle, and it'll be worth it for sure.
I've got meetings to go to today since the PI's are in town only for a
short while, otherwise I'd be tooling around on the road to Malaba.

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