Sunday, May 29, 2011


In North Vegas after successful trip to the Racetrack and Corridor Canyon. Racetrack not much different than Panamint dry lakebed, except the rocks get pushed around by the wind and leave tracks. The canyon was cool, narrow in places, but it's named after one long abnormally straight stretch that's pretty neat. Saw a few petroglyphs too. Had to walk only a few miles of the road from Ubehebe Crater yesterday and maybe 10 today before catching a ride. It's probably doable in a sedan--I felt stupid after being passed in the opposite direction by a Miata this morning, but less stupid after the SUV that picked me up told me got a flat yesterday.

I'll probably just head straight to the South Rim now instead of circling around it. I couldn't really do justice to Zion or Bryce or Staircase or whatever, so better to save them for later.

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