Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Not Too Shabby

I participated in the department graduation ceremony. Notice how I phrased that? There's still a little paperwork to clear up before my graduation becomes official and I get my lollipop from the lady in the admin building.


That's my happy face.

The Seven Year Handshake

Me and the lady friends

Me and the gang

The Labor Office


Home Sweet Evans

I believe I was drunk by this point.

Well, that's it. Orientation was August 6, 2004, math camp started August 9, and I met the dissertation filing deadline of May 13, 2011, so that's seven school years, or six calendar years, nine months and eight days, or 2472 days. But if you give me credit for time off, I wasn't enrolled for one and a half school years, or one calendar year, four months, and three days, or 510 days. So five and a half years, which is pretty much average for a Berkeley Econ PhD.

And what did I do in that time? I lived in Kenya, travelled to Peru, Pakistan, Indonesia, Malaysia, Tanzania, Uganda, and Rwanda, I hiked the Northern California Coast, I yo-yo'd the CDT, I climbed some California 14ers, I climbed some California 14ers solo in winter, I ran 31 ultra-marathons and a few regular marathons, including a 3:00:23 PR, I hiked the length of the Sierra Nevada on a route of my own construction, I biked from SLC to Sac, I mentored a kid from East Oakland, helped people file their taxes, and did some econometrics on cool data about the military labor supply. Alas, I did not learn to surf. I guess there's always law school.
Where am I going now? I'm doing a development economics postdoc. More on that when it becomes official.


  1. I very clearly need to consider going into graduate school.

  2. Frickin' awesome! Congratulations. And thanks for stopping by this weekend-- it was great seeing you.

  3. Congrats G! I am sure that it feels good to be on to the next thing, but to have the education you earned with you forever. Your definitely one intelligent dude. Hope we can get out more next winter and hope that if your up in truckee at all this summer we can get some runs in!