Thursday, March 17, 2011

Pirates Cove 50K, Badger Mountain 100-Miler

I'm running the Pirates Cove 50K Saturday. I definitely didn't do optimal training--only 7 runs in the three weeks since my last race, with one 3:30 and a couple 2:00 runs, plus a few cross-training sessions. I wish it would stop raining, I lived closer to the hills, my truck had windshield wipers and power steering, and I could stick to a training schedule. We'll see if I can break 5:00. Given the previous plus the crummy weather expected, it's not super likely, but I'll go out fast to see if I've got it.

Next week is spring break, so after a job interview in Washington DC, I might go to Washington state and run the Badger Mountain 100. I'm not in shape to run it fast, but I bet I could finish it.

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  1. Yes, heading to Washington State is a good way to get away from the rain.