Sunday, December 05, 2010

TNF 50, Bike Chain

Yesterday I rode my bike over to the Headlands to watch some of The North Face's 50 miler. There was significant prize money at stake, so it was quite a spectacle as far as trail runs go. I got there right as friend and fellow long distance backpacker Andrew Skurka (pictured) finished. I then went backwards on the course looking for Tattoo Joe, but I didn't want to ride home in the dark, so I turned back without running into him.

Today I went to the workshop and replaced my bike chain. It recently started slipping, and when I inspected it today, there was an obviously bad link that was the cause. I also replaced a spoke and trued the wheel yet again. The ride home (in the rain) was silky smooth, so all is well. Why is working on bikes so much more fun than working on cars?

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  1. Most everything about bicycles is better than most everything about cars methinks.