Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Press Blurb

I love this.

As you may recall, I gave a presentation on the Sierra High Route to 5 Bay Area REI's this summer. They later gave my name to an East Bay trail group, and in early September I gave my presentation to them at their big annual hike & ride fundraiser.

They just sent me their newsletter, and this is how the presentation was described:
"The entertainment that evening was a slide presentation by Garret Christensen, who has hiked all the major though hikes [sic] in the US. He talked about hiking the top of the Sierra Mountains from one end to the other – off-trail! He showed us slides of the beauty of the High Sierras, the exhausting work that it takes to hike it, and the pitifully minimal equipment he takes when he goes there. I think we all came away from that talk admiring his persistence and resourceful- ness and thinking: “Thank God I’m not THAT crazy!”"

Awesome. Support the Bay Area Ridge Trail. It needs to get finished so I can thru-hike it.


  1. It is truly a complement as a hiker/mountaineer/skiier/cyclist/etc to be referred to in the press as "crazy".

  2. Hahaha! Seems accurate to me . . .

  3. i've always thought you were nutjob.