Friday, August 20, 2010


You know what I'm tired of hearing about? I won't even mention it because it's the only thing in the news for the last forever and I am so pissed that there's even a question about whether they should (be allowed to) build it. Of course they should.

Other than that:
Good runs. A little barefooting (by that I mean VFF), 10 miles in Briones Regional Park (to a part I've never been to), two trips to the EBMUD land near Upper San Leandro Reservoir (again to parts I've never visited before), new bushwhacking and super-secret-singletrack on campus property (following the Lab fence from the High-C, and a track that crosses the creek at the Firetrail parking lot then goes up the hill close to the Connector where you can bomb down to the pool parking lot), a run with Nano down the ridge-trail to Sibley, and 10 miles along the Charles River in Boston from Mass Gen to Harvard and back.

So by that I mean I went to Boston and Nano visited (twice). A+A got married and had a very cool outdoor wedding with a fun mix of Jewish and Catholic cultural but not religious traditions. Their wedding band was amazing, which is not really a thing you hear, but it was true. The lead singer had pipes. I'm sure it didn't hurt that she was gorgeous.

Nano passed through on his way to and from the Wonderland trail, a 93-mile loop around Mt. Rainier. We talked about future adventures and he gave me a great idea--forget Tierra del Fuego to the Bering Strait for a mid-life crisis hike, I'm going North Pole to South Pole. That must never have been done before, right? Skis to/from the North Pole, walk to TdF, then sail to the edge of Antarctica, then ski to the South Pole. Easy peasy.

I was an instructor to first-time quantitative social sciences GSI's at their training conference today. I'm going to (at least) Avett Brothers, K'naan, Mumford & Sons, Sufjan Stevens, and Arcade Fire concerts in October, and I signed up to present at the Labor Lunch October 8. Now to just do the research so I don't make a fool of myself.

Comedian: Informative documentary. Jerry Seinfeld is not funny. My childhood was a fraud.
Baader-Meinhof Complex: Very interesting tale about, basically, the German version of the Weather Underground or the SLA. Bruno Ganz is a brilliant actor.

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