Saturday, August 07, 2010

New Suit

Alright Mr. Hope-to-go-on-the-job-market-this-fall, you can make me buy a stupid suit, but you can't make me like it. And you can't make me pay more than $15 for it.

And no, unfortunately I'm not running the Headlands Hundred right now. My friend couldn't get off work to pace me and it would have prevented me from accomplishing anything for the better part of four days and possibly weakened to the point where I caught a cold. So instead I got the cold before the race and am spending the better part of four days sick on the couch watching movies:

Breathless: sharp, but that's all it's got going for it.
Infernal Affairs: I'll take Marty's version with Marky Mark in hospital booties over the original.
My Dinner with Andre: One of the better two-hour long conversations about new-agey bulls--t that I've seen.
The Straight Story: Heartwarming and beautifully shot (Iowa cornfields). Sometimes the main character either had poor line delivery or acted like he did. I'm upset because now I have to add "ride a lawnmower across the country" to my adventure to-do list.
Insomnia: Definitely not heartwarming, but definitely beautifully shot (Alaska). Is anyone out there a close friend with Robin Williams and can tell him he's not funny but can actually act quite well?

Oh, and reading books: Quitter, by Harvey Pekar. Autobiographical account of his childhood and early years. Perhaps my favorite Pekar work.


  1. watch the original Insomnia! Haven't seen Nolan's version but the original is great. Your pic looks like you're auditioning for Crank 3.

  2. a normal length tie!

    remember how august was the start of intense research/work/dissertation? a cold seems like a flimsy excuse for 4 days of movies. just sayin...

    been wanting to see the straight story for like 10 years. still in my netflix queue. i love richard farnsworth. he committed suicide soon after the movie came out so perhaps his depression accounted for the poor line delivery. (he's brilliant as matthew cuthbert in the ultimate chick flick anne of green gables)

  3. AL--Definitely watch Straight Story. My complaints might just be based on the fact that I hate it when people don't use contractions when they speak.

    JS--I put it on my list. Jason Statham is better looking than Michael Stipe, right? That's who I usually get.