Sunday, July 25, 2010

What I Did This Week

Two REI Presentations: Pretty good reviews, with the inevitable exception from someone who clearly does not get my sense of humor. Three more this coming week.
Inception: I almost always disagree with David Edelstein, and thus I loved this movie.
Yojimbo: Badass
Capturing the Friedmans: Interesting.
American Splendor: Did I mention Harvey Pekar makes me happy?
Our Cancer Year: I really dislike the art, but the story is great.
An Unreasonable Man: Ralph Nader is cool. I wish I believed in something like he does.
Dead Weather live at the Warfield: Even from the nosebleeds, Jack White and his giant eyeball backdrop are phenomenal.
The Human Condition: Got disc 1 (of 4), haven't started yet.

Ran several times but wasn't really feeling it, gave my bike a decent post-trip cleaning, picked 12 pounds or so of wild blackberries, made two pectin boxes worth of freezer jam, baked fresh honey whole wheat bread, and will make a pie tomorrow.

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