Sunday, June 06, 2010

Busy Day

I ran a 50K on Mount Diablo today. It took me 7:57, which is slightly ridiculous, but it was about 85 degrees out and the course climbs straight up and down Mt. Diablo twice with 8,900' of climbing, so I finished about in the median like normal. Last fall with a worse knee but better weather I did this course in 7:19. I'm disappointed in myself for making excuses not to ride my bike the 27 miles to the start of the race, but I'm happy with the run given the heat for which I am not at all conditioned. But I'm to the point where running 50K is not a big deal, so if I'm not in good enough shape to be setting PR's, then at least I can add a bike ride or extra miles to mix it up (and save the planet some carbon). Speaking of, I'm still tentatively planning on paddling to Angel Island for a run in two weeks. I'd given up on biking my kayak to the marina, since I didn't want to spend $300 buy a trailer, but today a friend suggested I just ask around and borrow one, so we'll see if that works out.

In addition to the regular This American Life and Fresh Air podcasts during my eight hours of running today, I listened to a couple good Radio Lab episodes, one of which managed to explain both why I'm not that fast a runner and why I sometimes get pretty not-happy with life. Fast forward to 47:00 and start listening. But first ask yourself this question: do you ever enjoy your bowel movements? No, seriously, it's science. Awesome science.

Finally, I just got back from a Matt & Kim show. There's no other word to describe it than "FUN." Also balloons, lasers, jumping up and down on the drum/keyboard kit, crowd member vs. Kim dance contest, and covers of Sweet Child of Mine and The Final Countdown. An absolute blast.

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  1. At least you're thinking about cycling to these activities. Next thing you know it'll be reversed, you'll be cycling someplace and thinking about how you could have driven. The paradigm shift will happen in your brain and it will feel great.