Friday, April 02, 2010

On the way Home

Wait, Denzel Washington is your favorite actor? Mine too!

That's not actually how the conversation went, but it was pretty similar, and it reminded me of pretty much the same Denzel Washington-themed conversation I had a couple times in Pakistan (one of which was awesome, one of which went south when I said pro wrestling was fake and KSM cut off Daniel Pearl's head, but I digress.)

The conversation was actually something along the lines of:
"Wait, are you talking about Training Day? I love that movie. 'This shit ain't checkers it's chess.' 'When I'm through with you you'll be playing ball in Pelican Bay!'"
After which the Rwandan dude I was talking to proceeded to quote the lines more accurately than I had. And then we did the same thing concerning The Hangover.

So yeah, the trip ended pretty well, if a little regretfully, in that I realized that if it didn't take me two weeks to warm up to people, maybe I would've started talking to people about environmental conservation programs earlier than the night before leaving and maybe could've gotten some data or a research idea out of it.

Oh well. Moral of the story: after I hike from Tierra del Fuego to the Bering Strait, I guess I have to bike from Cairo to Cape Town.

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