Friday, April 09, 2010

I Don't Put Much Stock In This Article

Read this article about Scott Jurek from the April Runner's World that just became available on-line. It is a huge downer. It is also by the same author as a very similar and ridiculous article about a friend of mine. I'm curious if you find the Jurek article inspiring. Not me. I think everybody has skeletons in their closet or has had crappy things happen to them, but I think it's highly unlikely that Scott Jurek is anywhere near as gloomy as he's made to appear in this article. Compare this article to Born to Run, which I loved, and I thought portrayed him in an accurate and positive light. Jurek probably does occasionally wonder if his running is a selfish pursuit or wonder if he's a hypocrite for flying so much while preaching a low-impact life, but that just makes him a thoughtful and caring person, and even if his running career were over (which it's not) there's something about the author's style and portrayal that I very much dislike.

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  1. Agreed. I saw Scott at a presentation he gave a month or so ago. There was some question as to the future of his running to which he replied he wants to run until the day he dies, which hopefully won't be for some time. He has competitive plans for at the least the next couple of years. After that I finally read the article at the library and didn't care for it.