Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Who Reads My Blog?

Mostly just my sister.

But it's interesting to see who else stumbles upon my blog whilst traveling through the tubes. Why, just yesterday, yet another person googled "do monkeys have balls." Awesomely, I'm the number one result. Other popular searches are "paul farmer comma," "paul farmer a--hole," (I really take no pride in the latter) and "homemade odwalla bars," along with a bunch of boring hiking stuff that actually makes sense.

By far I am most proud of being the number one google image result for hike naked day, although sadly I don't have a counter installed on that page so I missed out on what must have been an enormous spike in views thanks to Governor Sanford.


  1. Your mother does too!

  2. You are also still in my google reader. Hope that's not too weird ...

    Random question, have you ever been to Uganda?


  3. I lived a mile from the border on the Kenyan side, so I went over for a handful of weekend trips and such. Sipi Falls, Kampala, rafting the nile in Jinja...