Sunday, December 06, 2009

Kayaking, Che

I did a 10 or 11-mile kayak route around Brooks Island yesterday [map]. I'm beginning to think I'm a land mammal. The funnest part was getting out and walking around on the island. Also fun is when you're within 20 yards of the shore and can see the big pelicans and other birds flying around. The rest of the time on the open water is kind of boring. Plus I got seasick and puked while paddling back. It's always on the way back when I'm moving in the same direction as the waves so I get lifted from behind. Maybe I'll get used to it, or maybe I'll sell the kayak for a profit and buy a packraft or a bike.

In hindsight, Steven Soderbergh's movie Che is probably not worth watching. I seem to recall reading reviews when it came out about how you had to already agree with everything Che did to enjoy the film. More than that, regardless of your opinion, I think you have to not be interested in history or politics at all, because the film doesn't investigate any of the politics behind Che's fighting, and it barely even mentions Che's internal motivations and just languorously follows Che and his fighters (none of whom other than Che speak enough to be at all developed as characters) through the woods. The first half about the Cuban revolution at least shows Che speaking at the UN, but the second half is literally two atmospheric and moody hours of Che walking around the Bolivian jungle. I guess a good documentary featuring analysis of his actions from both sides would be a lot more interesting.

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