Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Boring Update

I've been doing research. Or trying to. Mostly on the Forest Service's 2001 Roadless Rule. I'd be interested to see if I could estimate its effect on local employment. I can't think of an identification strategy other than diff-n-diff, and I'm not sure how well even that will work, plus I have to build the data using GIS. Also, importantly, it's been done before. But right now I have 935 pages of exams to grade. I bailed on the WFR course I was going to take in January so that hopefully I can get more some research done (down time between semesters seems like a good time, and although I'd love to learn the material, if I ever want to graduate, I definitely don't have time to join a S&R group right now, which is a good chunk of why I wanted to take the course). I leave Sat/Sun for Indonesia. I'm TA-ing again next semester but I applied for a short job in February teaching impact evaluation stuff abroad. More on that later if it actually happens.

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