Wednesday, July 08, 2009


Took car to dealership in Reno. Tried not to watch too much daytime TV/read too much People magazine in the waiting room, paid through nose for new camshaft position sensor and synchronizer(sp?). Light came back on after 12 miles. Cleared codes, I tried it again, light back on after 7 miles. Code reads 1309, which is what it said before they replaced the $$$ part. They won't charge me for leaving it with them for 3 weeks, so I'm taking it back to them tomorrow morning, catching the CREST bus from Reno, and starting to hike. I've noticed that car repair is like what I've read about medical malpractice lawsuits--regardless of who's responsible, nice doctors that explain things don't get sued, and the guy at the dealership is willing to explain what's going on. I just want the light to be off in 3 weeks. Or I want instructions to disconnect the engine light LED (or maybe just tape would work, thanks Matt).

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