Sunday, March 01, 2009


I saw Frost/Nixon last night. As a film it was highly entertaining and surprisingly very funny, but I walked away from it thinking wistfully about the real-life issues of (1) "That could've been Mike Wallace doing the interview and nailing the guy to the wall!?" (the movie says Wallace was attempting to land an interview at the same time Frost was, but Frost offered to pay more) and (2) remembering that in interviews I've heard about the movie/actual interviews, people not associated with the making of film or the interviews seem to think Frost never really quite "got" Nixon. For example, here's the real video of Nixon with his "There was no cover-up" bulls---. Clearly, he looks flustered and, well, not very believable, but was he called on this?

Here's the Fresh Air about the interviews, and here's David Frost on The Daily Show.

I guess I'll have to watch the actual interviews myself. As far as the movie goes, watch it for wonderful entertainment, not necessarily for redemptive history.

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