Sunday, March 01, 2009


I ran the Sequoia 50K yesterday in 6:20, which ranks 3 of 8 in terms of my 50K times. I'm pretty pleased with that, especially since it was after the 10-mile warm-up run from my house to the park and followed by my 10-mile cool-down run home from the park. I lucked out and the weather was nice--I'm glad my IM football game this afternoon will be in the rain instead of the other way around. My knees hurt a tiny bit, enough that I iced them afterward. That hasn't happened in a while; I blame last week's using a pair of old shoes for too long. I listened to some of Philip Roth's The Plot Against America on the iPod, so far it's amazing. I'm running another 50K in three weeks, and Diablo a month after that. That's as far as I've got planned right now, and Diablo's definitely what I'm focusing on. I've done fairly well in 50K's lately, plus every single training run now involves a ridiculously steep climb thanks to my new apartment, so I definitely think I can improve on last year's 13:32, and I'm dreaming that I could do it in under 12:00.


  1. nice.
    just to set expectations about the Plot Against America, the last quarter of the book is very disappointing compared to how good the rest is.

  2. Thanks for coming out to Sequoia - I can't believe you ran so fast given that you ran from home again!

    You've been running so well - you'll definitely take a ton of time off last year's Diablo, I'm sure. It'll be great to have you out there on the course again - and I'll be watching for you at 11 hours and something-or-other. :-)